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Because of my evidence of crimes against creation and my evidence.   I send to embassies around the world because they all have intelligence officers in their staff and I know they have to pass up the chain, and they know themselves, no one can do anything on this planet unless it's approved and, they all know I have the authority of signed law - referred to as the authority of the god’s document under The Commonwealth of Australia and its Constitution of 1901 and, they all violate this authority of the god's document under The Commonwealth of Australia and its Constitution of 1901 to destroy creation. Australia's Government is null & void - NO Constitutional authority to govern for the last 49 years they change Constitutional wording in 1973 without a referendum. - All Evil Agenda is unattainable and always will be unattainable because of my Invoking and, COVID-19 does not exist - never isolated - a hoax to destroy human’s GOD given immune systems

Satan On The United States Dollar  The Masonic Seal Of America!

link for more information THE TWO SEALS OF OUR DOOM

At the base of the pyramid, in roman numerals, is MDCCLXXVI, which equals the year "1776." Most people are led to believe that this represents July 4, 1776 in which America declared her independence. 

This is not true! The MDCCLXXVI represents May 1, 1776 the founding date in which the Illuminati was officiated. As Jesus Christ is to be the foundation for a good Christian life (I Corinthians 3:11), the Illuminati based their foundation on the evil ways of their god, Lucifer (Satan).

In short, this first seal is telling us that on May 1, 1776, a 'New World Order' had been created. The head of this order is Lucifer and it would be based upon depravity and rebellion. This group, of course, is unlike any other on Earth, for it is 'hell-spawned' with the intent of taking over planet Earth for Satan.
This six pointed star, a hexagram. It is the foulest, most evil of all symbols in the occult world. Figure 9, for the hexagram.

Don’t fool yourself everyone because all Intelligence Agencies, Military and Governments are all involved with this SATANIC agenda as shown by their GOD “SATAN” built into the Australian Parliament house for all to see.

all should remember who’s Creation you are in and, remember you are all here for Creation’s final Judgement of 3rd dimension.

the headquarters of Freemasonry in Queensland, Australia showing prominently the Masonic eye in the pyramid. See the top of the image, right in the middle.

“Satan's baby killers” IDF drops more bombs on Gaza in month, than on Hiroshima in 1945 - report

To ignore Israel’s killing and destruction in Gaza shows you all have the same GOD as these SATANISTS who call themselves Zionists.

Israel is the most racist country on Earth and, here’s why the US support Israel no matter what!

Israel's Butchering of Palestinians is Fueled by Zionist Racism

Zionism is Satanism, not Judaism that support Palestine - Rabbi statements about Israel's occupation
Israels Iron Dome Is A Hoax: and, "America" has the same technology as Israel: Iron Dome Is A Fraud 2 - Sound Effects
Nukes are Fake. Observers on the ground say the nuclear blasts in Japan did not happen:

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